June 22, 2021

Most Popular Sports Watches For Swimming

It is an open secret that it would be suicidal to take with you or wear any electronic device while swimming. But what if, you could wear “smart” watches into the pool to help you calculate some data you have always wondered about. Well, there are some watches on offer which can help you do that.

The Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a great buy if you are a triathlon athlete or a swimmer. This watch offers 1 second recording intervals. While most sport watches are useless or rendered useless in the pool for a swim, the Garmin Forerunner 310XT is the answer. You can measure your swim distance with GPS which is brilliant. This watch has nullified the failure relating to loss in signal when underwater, penetrating. The watch is water resistant to 50 metres. This one’s price at $250.

The Garmin Swim records the type of stroke you employ, the count, the pace and the distance you swim. It offers features which are useful for timing sets and logging drills. What’s more? It gauges swimming efficiency and also connects to the Garmin Connect for analysis online. This watch is water resistance to 50 metres as well. The Garmin Swim is priced at $150.

The Pyle Snorkelling Master is equipped with 6 modes, a Chronograph, Dive Mode, Dive recall mode, Current time and Countdown timer, giving the swimmer all that he needs with respect to data. It is water resistant up to about 330 feet and measures the temperature of water from 14 degrees to 140 degrees in Fahrenheit. The dive alarm, which is a safety feature activates when moving faster than 6 metres per minute.

The Tom Tom GPS watch for swimming is a cool watch to have underwater. It can track your swim metrics both in indoor and outdoor pools. The watch is designed with swim sensors to measure efficiency and data like strokes, their type, the length you are traversing, total distance and the speed of your swim. It is water resistant to 165 feet. The watch employs vibration alerts to tell you about milestones, laps or give you training alerts, even if you are plugged in with music. A piece costs about $180.

The Lifetrak C200, though not a watch made primarily for swimming, can be used underwater because it is waterproof to 90 feet. It gives you all the necessary data required while working out underwater with the watch monitoring your heart rate and calories burnt.